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Future Visits

Your Second Visit

On your second visit you will be greeted by our receptionist and instructed on how to complete our sign in sheet. A relaxing therapy that feels similar to a massage is usually done to help relax muscles and reduce pain. Dr. Golightley will then go over his report of his findings. He will explain what he found and how we may be able to help you.

Your second visit may be approximately 30 minutes in length and could be a little longer, or even shorter depending on various factors, including how many questions you have for the doctor among other things.

Before you leave you will be given specific recommendations by Dr. Golightley that are unique to your individual needs and specific health challenges.

A Typical Office Visit

After signing in, you may have a brief wait and will be brought back to the appropriate room as soon as possible. Dr. Golightley may have questions regarding your pain level and anything corresponding to your current condition. You will have time to ask any questions necessary and will not be rushed out.

Dr. Golightley’s only focus is with you; his patients are very important to him and he understands they deserve the quality care and attention he would expect from a physician, which unfortunately is becoming more of a rarity in today’s world. We recognize your time is valuable. So we do everything possible to run on time and minimize the impact on your busy life.

After the investment of time needed on the first and second visits, many patients become concerned that every visit will be of equal length. In a word: no. A typical office visit may require just five to 10 minutes, but don’t think the brevity of a regular visit lessens its value! Once Dr. Golightley gets to know you and your spine and nervous system he can adjust you and get you on your way.

Like a regular workout at the gym each visit builds on the one before. Miss a visit and you can lose the momentum necessary to make the needed changes.

Call Golightley Chiropractic to make an appointment, so we can help you and your family!

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